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Frequently Asked Questions

Before posting things on the forum, you might consider looking at these questions and answers first.

1. Accounts

  1.1) I forgot my password - can I recover it ?
  1.2) I used to have an account before, can I still use it ?
  1.3) My account is barred, what does this mean ?

2. General

  2.1) What is the difference with other Dynamic DNS services
  2.2) Why can't I register a domain name yet? the links are not active
  2.3) Can I use this service with my own domain?

3. Services

  3.1) What happened to the 'dynamic domains' ?
  3.2) Will you put a banner on my URL-forwarder ?
  3.3) Is it only for dynamic IP's ?
  3.4) Can you host my website ?
  3.5) Can I have a 'cloaked URL' with my URL forwarder, and what is a cloaked URL anyway ?
  3.6) can I add a MX record ?
  3.7) How do I update a dynamic forwarder?
  3.8) After I added my domain, my hostnames don't seem to work immediately
  3.9) I cannot register a .de domain ?

4. Technical

  4.1) How often can/should I update my IP address ?
  4.2) After I updated my IP address, does my hostname resolve directly to my new IP ?
  4.3) I cannot accept HTTP connections, can I run a webserver using DyNS services?
  4.4) Cool, I'd like to write my own client now, where do I start ?
  4.5) Can I have my IP address reverse resolved to my hostname ?
  4.6) My HTTP requests go trough a Proxy server. Can I still correctly update my IP address.
  4.7) I'd like to do fancy things with javascript in my cloaked URL forwarder. How ?
  4.8) What DNS server software don't you use ?
  4.9) What's the maximal lenght of hostnames / domain names I can register ?
  4.10) I use ppp (pppOE) on a Linux box. How can I update my IP every time I connect ?
  4.11) I am forced use a proxy and I use ez-ipupdate. can this be done ?

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