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1. What is the difference with other Dynamic DNS services
    There are two major differences between us and other similar services:
    - We do not use BIND as a nameserver, but instead use a proprietary DNS server that integrates with our hostinformation directly.
    - We have different nameservers that operate on different backbones to supply more fault-tolerant DNS resolving. Most dynamic DNS providers have a nameserver on the same local network. When their single network link goes down, so does their whole system, together with their DNS servers. End of story. DyNS will not suffer from this because of the way our DNS network is built up.
2. Why can't I register a domain name yet? the links are not active
    We currently are testing the site for functionality.
    these items will be activated within some time, after we have tested the functionality of the site.
3. Can I use this service with my own domain?
    Yes you can. You can use all the dynamic DNS services with your own domain.
    You can also purchase a domain here. If you purchase a domain, you will get the dynamic DNS services free for as long as you have registered the domain.

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